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Open for business!

Although my official date for the launch is 8/1, we did a soft open and went live on this website on Tuesday. Feeling nervous and unprepared I jumped into an unpredictable adventure. I’m not sure what to expect, but I told my husband if we don’t succeed we’ll have tons of candles and soaps to last us a few years 😅. He laughed and said that would be just fine by him.

I also did my first promo of fb with no makeup or script. I thought it was a disaster but I enjoyed filming it. The message was really simple. My goal for this store is to really focus on the elimination of plastic from our lives. As a society we are consumed by it. But what happens when we’re done with our plastic containers? We toss it in the trash and it disappears, right? Wrong. It finds a home in landfills and sits there to rot, outliving essentially everything in our planet for many years to come. Think Nice is focused on eliminating plastics one shower at a time.

Shown below is my own addiction to plastic. I use 4 plastic items for my face and 2 for my hair and this isn’t even showing you my items for shampoos and conditioners and body wash. I’m hoping to make a difference by eliminating 75% of my plastic use by the end of the year... starting with this bar of soap.

I know there’s not a lot of products yet on here, but I invite you to come back soon and explore the things I’m bringing in day to day 🥰

Patty 🌺

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