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Lately I’ve been 👀seeing women on face book crush💪🏼 it with their business. Beautiful 🌺women I’m proud to call my friends and they’ve inspired me to go back to my calling: Entrepreneurship💁🏻‍♀️.

In 2013 I had wanted to start a small business online and had taken all the appropriate measures to do so. With my boutique background, I knew I could do it but I never had the proper support. After my divorce, I packed up my dream and worked on getting my life back together.

Now that I have both the financial and emotional support that I needed (and deserved) back then, I’m happy to say that I’m diving back into it!!

Of course this will be my side job, since I’m currently still in love with my full time job now lol!☺️

My inventory is coming in soon I’ll be utilizing my Think Nice page for retail updates. I’ll be showing at Blanco and Boerne market days as well.

There’s no theme to my inventory but I will say this… The one piece of advice I was given from the women I worked for during my boutique years was always to sell things I’m passionate about, items I absolutely love and things I could see myself gift to my dearest ones.

I hope you’ll enjoy this as much as I will. 🥰

More details to come soon 💖

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